Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc.
14th Annual "My Cat, My Friend" Show

Presented by Chatham Animal Rescue & Education, Inc.
Date:Saturday, February 22, 2003
Time:Registration at 11am
Judging Begins at 12pm
Where:Council on Aging Senior Center
Hwy 87 Pittsboro
Best Senior
  1. Sebastian, Cheryl Ganter
  2. Abby, Titrington family
  3. George, Beth Mosher
  4. Willie, Titrington family
Best Solid Color
  1. Bobee, Courtney Gillis
  2. Merlin, Titrington family
  3. Shadow, Amanda Clark
  4. Puff, Titrington family
Best Tabby
  1. Pepito, Sally Scholl
  2. Sebastian, Cheryl Ganter
  3. Hansel, Deborah Keuhne
  4. Scooter, Tara Gilmore
Best Tortoiseshell/Calico
  1. Fresno, Cheryl Ganter
  2. Callie, Titrington family
  3. Princess, Sue Boyd
  4. Ode to Joy, Allison Green
Best Long Hair
  1. Puff, Titrington family
  2. Hecate, Caitlin Taaffe
  3. Black Buff, Goodwin-Johanson family
Best Unusual Coloring
  1. Hecate, Caitlin Taaffe
  2. Stargate, Tara Gilmore
  3. Scooter, Tara Gilmore
  4. Jingles, Courtney Wilson
Best Tuxedo
  1. Mardi Gras, Goodwin-Johanson family
  2. Toby, Goodwin-Johanson family
  3. Sopapilla, Amy Scerba
  4. Little Z, Hilary Funderburk
Best Appetite
  1. Tugger (15.8 lbs), Hill Creek Vet Hospital
  2. Violet (13.4 lbs), Julia Haman
  3. Dante (13.8 lbs), Kay Obenshain
  4. Charlie (13.8 lbs), Goodwin-Johanson family
Best C.A.R.E. Alumni
  1. Pepito, Sally Scholl
  2. Ode to Joy, Allison Greene
  3. Eli, Sally Scholl
  4. Hansel, Deborah Keuhne
  5. Shadow, Amanda Clark
Best Rescue
  1. Sopapilla, Amy Scerba
  2. Puck, Jeannie & Katie
  3. Toby, Good win-Johanson family
Longest Tail
  1. Ed, Agi Trombitas
  2. Sebastian, Cheryl Ganter
  3. Shadow, Amanda Clark
Longest Whiskers
  1. Hecate, Caitlin Taaffe
  2. Puff, Titrington family
  3. Jennings, Nancy Chakin
Pictures from 14th Annual "My Cat, My Friend" Cat Show
Click on picture for large image.

Beth Mosher and George

Unknown Contestant

Best in Show Trophy

Face Painting

George - 3rd Place Senior

Judge Lynn Search

Judge Lynn and Announcer Pam

Kitchen Duty

Judge Dr. Ann Tysor

Taking Official Measurements

Ribbons and Prizes

Joan at the Registration Desk

Best Solid Color Judging

Spectators Await the Outcome

Chatham Animal Rescue and Education (C.A.R.E.) would like to thank everyone who participated in making The 14th Family Cat Show a huge success. We could not have done this without you!
  • All the C.A.R.E. Spouses
  • Phydeaux
  • Lynn Search
  • The Collector Connection
  • Dr. Ann Tysor, DVM
  • Peg Dey
  • C.A.R.E Board members
  • C.A.R.E. Volunteers
  • Jerry Herndon
  • Pam Sullivan
  • Becky Norman
  • Dottie Gaines
  • Barbara Long
  • Wholesale Kennel Supplies
  • Helen Hester
  • Martha Curie
  • Lisa Stockton
  • Elizabeth Moskowitz
  • Jean Kirby
  • Joan Cunningham
  • Hill Creek Vet Hospital
  • Chatham Veterinary Services
  • Goodnight Gracie Antiques
  • Linda Volmueller
  • Ken Griffin
  • Valerie Broadway
  • Frances Haman
  • S&T Soda Shoppe
  • Something Old Collectibles
  • Annie B& The Black & WhiteGuy
  • Deborah Kuehne
  • A Tasty Morsel
  • Pittsboro General Store Cafe
  • Susan Johnson
  • New Horizons Trading Company
  • Pittsboro Library
  • Big Bloomers
  • Cat's Paw Canvas
  • Lewis Pet Care
Emcee was Pam Sullivan. Judges were Lynn Search and Dr. Ann Tysor, Chatham Veterinary Services.