Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc.
Am I Ready to Adopt?

Chatham Animal Rescue and Education wants you and your pet to be right for each other. Choosing the right time in your life will make it easier for both you and your pet to adjust to each other. Please take a minute to review the listed events. Check those which have occurred in the last six months, or may occur in the next six months. The result will be tallied, profiling your chances of a successful adoption.


Divorce or break-up of a relationship?
Change in living arrangements, new roommates, moving in with someone?
Pregnancy or new baby?
Financial concerns?
Children leaving home or moving back home?
Caretaking responsibilities for elderly or ill family members?
Significant changes in family routine?
Death of another family pet?
Disappearance of a pet?
Pet given away or brought to a shelter?
Significant health problems of your own or a family member?
Frequent travel for business or pleasure?
Job change or a family member begins work or quits work?
Limited leisure or free time?
Graduation from high school or college?
Disagreement among family members about obtaining a pet?
Have pets now (aquarium counts)?